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Windemere is the furthest east development in San Ramon and is located right next to Gale Ranch. This is the most ambitious residential housing development in the San Francisco East Bay ever. Note the spelling though. Not Windermere. There is only one ‘r’ in Windemere and many people mis-spell it.

Windemere Home

Work began on Windemere in 2001 with the first homes being available for sale in 2002 and early reactions were mixed to say the least. Residents in other parts of San Ramon were often critical of  the development  due to the area being “scraped”, a necessity for the successful implementation of such a large of undertaking.

Now though, Windemere is a very popular place to live. More than half the total area is dedicated as permanent open space and there are many miles of paved walkways and trails. There are top-rated schools at all levels, 18+ neighborhood parks of varying sizes plus a Community Center with a Theater and Library. Diablo Valley Community College is here and there is a pre-school (Acorn Learning Center), a Fire Station and a Police Station.

Neither can Windemere real estate be considered to be so much “out on a limb” as before. The Plaza shopping center at Gale Ranch has one of the largest and most impressive Safeway stores in the country. There is also a gas station and a variety of other shops and restaurants.

Windemere Home Sizes / Types

A wide variety of home styles and sizes can be found here. There are many sizes and styles of condominiums and townhomes, although the most common type of home is the detached single family. Living space varies from around 1800 sq.ft. upwards and lot sizes are typically small although some homes can be found with large lots.

Facilities in Windemere

Windemere has a number of distinct neighborhoods and unlike Gale Ranch, next door, there are no HOA dues (apart from in the condominium developments). Property taxes though, are higher than in other parts of San Ramon – up to around 1.7% of purchase price, and these are what pays for the infrastructure – the many parks, schools, walking trails etc.

Given all the above, one might expect Windemere home prices to be above average but in practice, prices are comparable with other parts of San Ramon. Not only that, but in most cases, features that are generally considered as upgrades, like granite and stainless steel in kitchens, recessed lighting and tile floors, were often included in the base price.

If the past is anything to go by, Windemere will continue to be a popular destination for many San Ramon home buyers, and most people agree that Windemere real estate will continue to be a good investment for the foreseeable future.

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