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Staging Your Home For LIVING

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Staging Your Home For LIVING

Anybody who watches any of the real estate programs on HGTV will be very familiar with the concept of staging their home for sale before it goes on the market. And although this can cost many thousands of dollars, it has been well proven that it adds a lot more in value than it costs.

The concept is to make your home look as inviting as it can be. No unnecessary clutter, light and bright, the kind of home a buyer would want to live in.


But why wait until you are selling your home? Why not stage your home to live in and enjoy it to the max? Affluent homeowners have been hiring interior designers to do just that for years, but by taking a few easy steps you can do a lot by yourself, without paying for a design professional.

The first step is to declutter. Many homes have far too much furniture and that makes rooms look small and cramped. Get rid of items that are not needed and appreciate the added space.

Then look at your rooms through new eyes. If rooms look less than bright, swap out the light bulbs for brighter ones. Or even buy some new light fixtures. New paint and flooring should also be considered and both will add value to your home when you do come to sell it.

A lot of homes have a real mish-mash of “art work” that could really be re-examined. A few larger pictures generally create a more pleasing ambiance than many smaller, mis-matched ones.

Finally, don’t neglect the exterior of your home. It’s much more pleasing to return to a home that has great curb appeal than to one with shabby paintwork, poor landscaping and an old front door that has seen better days.

Staging your home to live in can improve your mental well-being and enable you to enjoy living there much more than you did previously. And then when it comes time to sell, you will reap the benefits again.

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