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Why is your San Ramon Home For Sale Still?

Why Is Your San Ramon Home Still For Sale?

San Ramon Home For Sale

So you’ve had your San Ramon home for sale for 4 weeks or more and still you haven’t had any offers. The last time you looked, most homes were selling in less than 2 weeks and many were getting multiple offers. You have a nice home in a good area, so why isn’t it selling? Here are some possible reasons for you to consider.

Could it be the price?

One of the main reasons a home doesn’t sell is that potential buyers see it as overpriced. Certainly, the list price of your home is decided by you, but hopefully you based that figure on cold, hard facts shown in a Competitive Market Analysis produced by your agent. If the price is out of step with similar sized San Ramon homes for sale in your area that are in comparable condition etc., then a price adjustment is almost certainly needed.

Are buyers seeing your San Ramon home for sale?

Is your home invisible? Even in a hot sellers’ market, your agent should be marketing your San Ramon home for sale both online and offline, with all of the tools available.

Online marketing should include wide syndication on all the relevant websites, including Zillow, Trulia and as well as ensuring a strong social media presence with paid and unpaid advertising. Plus a dedicated website for your home is essential.

Effective offline strategies should include Open Houses, print advertising and agent to agent networking.

How good is the photography?

Gone are the days when an agent can get away with taking photos with a point and shoot camera or a smart phone. Just look at how other homes in your area appear online.

Professional quality HDR photography is rapidly becoming the norm as is aerial drone photography. Many agents are producing walk through videos that give a buyer the opportunity to envisage how rooms relate to each other and imagine themselves living there. These are all tools that are designed to increase the number of potential buyers who will view your home. They can also result in a higher sale price.

Does your home feel move-in ready?

If your home isn’t selling, yet you and your agent are convinced that neither the price nor the marketing are issues, it may be time to consider some changes.

Most people want to buy a home that is absolutely ready for them to move in to. They don’t want to start painting or carpeting etc., and offering a credit for carpeting that needs replacing won’t help either. Your home should be in as close to model home condition as you can make it.

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Check out your competition again. It is not unusual for home sellers to upgrade kitchens with new appliances, paint and counter-tops before listing for sale. Sometimes cabinets as well. The same goes for bathrooms. Today’s buyers like modern kitchens and bathrooms and many will pay a premium for that. Conversely, they will walk away from homes that look dated.

A final point – hopefully before you listed your San Ramon home for sale, you had it professionally staged. Again, this is rapidly becoming standard practice in our area. It may take the form of just de-cluttering, de-personalizing and adding some decor items, or it could be much more extensive, but the fact is that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than homes that have not been staged. This really is money well spent.

So if you still have a San Ramon home for sale, rather than one that now has a sale agreed, consider all of the above points and discuss them with your agent. Just waiting and doing nothing is not a strategy.