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New East Bay Food Hall Offers 7 Cuisines

The Noshery, San Ramon

Seven restaurants in one location? Well not exactly. San Ramon’s newest food outlet opened this month with a concept that is very different to most…

Welcome To Noshery

Noshery is a food company that allows diners to choose items from a variety of different restaurant menus. They already have two locations, and the third has just opened at 2426 San Ramon Valley Blvd in San Ramon, following those in San Mateo and San Carlos.

What Is The Business Model?

Noshery partners with a variety of popular chain restaurants across the country to bring food from their menus directly to you, the local diner. Food is all prepared fresh, in Noshery’s kitchen, for delivery or pick-up.

The choice of restaurant menus available to choose from varies with each Noshery location, but in every case, there is a choice of dishes from different cuisines to make your selection. The benefit, according to their website, is that it makes matters easier for group ordering, making it easy for everyone to get just what they want.

The Selections in San Ramon

  • Asian Box
  • The Little Chihuahua
  • Oren’s Hummus
  • Lazy Susan
  • East Side Banh Mi
  • The Pastry Cupboard
  • Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

None of these will be familiar names to East Bay diners, and as you will see, from the menus, the concept is not so much fine dining, as casual, tasty food. The website says that they interprest the word “Noshery” to mean “eating a little bit of many different things at once”.

Asian Box, for example, offers a number of spicy dishes based around their six-spice chicken, while The Little Chihuahua has a good selection of Mexican dishes including quesadillas, tacos and burritos.

Oren’s Hummus has the biggest selection of dishes, including six different hummus plates, and also a chicken skewer, chicken rice bowl, a couple of pita sandwiches and a couple of salads.

Lazy Susan offers a few chinese dishes, while East Side Banh Mi has the greatest choice including a variety of Banh Mi and vietnamese noodle bowls and rice bowls.

The Pastry Cupboard and Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream round everything off with a choice of cookies and some interesting sounding ice creams. A few (non-alcoholic) beverages are also available.

You may wonder how they assure the authenticity of the meals given that they come from different restaurants, but this is done by arranging for chefs from the restaurant in question to train Noshery’s chefs until they are completely satisfied with the end result.

Check out their website at ordernoshery.com


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