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How Will Climate Risks Affect Your Next Home?


If you’re planning to move out of the area, climate change is something you really should consider. A recent study from Realtor.com helps put the growing impact climate change is having on real estate into perspective.

A study by Realtor.com noted that 44.8% of homes in the U.S. are at risk for extreme or severe damage from environmental threats. So, how can you be sure your investment is safe from the elements?

For starters, work with a local real estate agent to understand the likelihood of your future home being exposed to hazards like wind, floods, and wildfires. A good agent agent will know the area and be able to tell you about the risks you’ll most likely face.

Just as important, there are two further factors to think about: the quality of the home you want to buy and the insurance you’ll need to protect it.

A Home That Will Stand Up To The Environment

If you’re planning to be in your home for many years, you want to know it’s going to last. Again, make the most of your agent’s knowledge and experience to make sure that the home you buy can withstand environmental hazards. Professional real estate agents

are kept up to date on the most common building and remodeling techniques—like a secondary water barrier on the roof or non-combustible, fire-resistant exterior walls.

And if a home you like doesn’t have these features, they can point you in the direction of local contractors who can determine what work it might require in the future and what it could cost.

Getting Adequate Insurance Cover

These concerns apply to homes in all states, so you should take note whether you are planning to stay in California or moving further afield..

In areas where climate risks are having a bigger impact, the right home insurance can make a big difference. And the price of that insurance is an important factor when thinking about your budget and the true cost of buying and protecting your home. Get an insurance quote early in the process because you may want to compare multiple quotes and it can take several weeks to get them.

While this may feel like a lot to consider, don’t worry. An agent can help. Your real estate agent will be your go-to resource on the homebuying process, what to look for and consider, and how climate change may affect your next home. With the right planning and an agent’s expert advice, you can make this happen. Homeownership is worth it. And with a great agent by your side, you can make sure the home you find is the right fit.

If you are plannning a move outside the immediate area, we can refer you to a great agent in the RE/MAX network. Contact Bernard or Michelle any time and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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