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Gale Ranch is East of Highway 680, along Bollinger Canyon Road to the Dougherty Valley and the Dublin border. This ambitious Toll Brothers development was established by Shapell Homes in 1995 and construction of new neighborhoods in Gale Ranch continues well into the 21st century. This is one of Toll Brothers’ premier developments in the East Bay. With many communities and prices to suit most pockets it quickly achieved a great reputation among home buyers in San Ramon.

Gale Ranch Home

Individual Gale Ranch Neighborhoods

Gale Ranch comprises a number of subdivisions with varied facilities (and varied HOA dues). Neighborhoods include Alta Mira and Trevari (among the oldest homes here), Galleria, The Pointe and many more. Some have a pool and/or a playground etc., while just have common areas that are looked after by the HOA. Home styles vary but are mostly Mediterranean influenced with white stucco walls and Spanish-style tile roofs. There are dozens of different floor plans but the quality is consistent. This is a deservedly popular development.

The Bridges at Gale Ranch

Many people consider Gale Ranch synonymous with The Bridges but although The Bridges is within Gale Ranch, there are a number of “Bridges” neighborhoods including Cedar Bridge (townhomes), Fairway Bridge and the highly prestigious Summit Bridge.

A Wide Range of Home Types

A wide variety of home styles and sizes can be found here from 1350 square foot townhomes to 5,000+ square feet executive style detached homes. Lot sizes vary considerably with many homes below 6000 sq. ft. although some have quite large lots by San Ramon standards.

A common complaint from people who are not too familiar with Gale Ranch is that lot sizes are “too small” and while there are certainly many homes with very small lots, this is by no means always the case. There are large lots to be had by those who want them but the lot size is generally reflected in the price. It is certainly possible to spend over $2 million for a home in Gale Ranch although many homes here are much more affordable.

Facilities in Gale Ranch

As previously mentioned, there are numerous HOAs here and facilities vary considerably. It should also be noted that The Bridges golf course is a major attraction and the San Ramon schools are among the best in the area.

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