Compass Bridge Loans

It’s been a Catch-22 situation until now. You want to buy another home and you have enough equity in your present home, so finding the down payment shouldn’t be a problem. And you can certainly qualify for any loan you may need. But everybody tells you that you have to sell your present home first. Or at the least, have a sale agreed.

How can you sell your present home if you don't yet have anywhere to move to?

Up until now, this has been a big problem. It’s true that bridging loans have been available in certain circumstances from time to time but they were hard to qualify for and very expensive. But now Compass has a game-changer.

Compass Bridge Loans

Compass Bridge Loans

Low interest bridge loans to take away the uncertainty when you move house.

Plus, if we act as your Listing Agent, in addition to representing you as a buyer,
we can front the cost of your interest payments for up to 6 months.

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