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A European Style Bakery in Walnut Creek?

So what’s a European style bakery anyway?

European Delights BakeryOne of the things we miss about Europe is the proliferation of really good bakeries. Although patisseries is perhaps a more accurate term. Certainly it isn’t too difficult to find somewhere that serves a decent range of pastries in most Bay Area towns and cities, but finding a place that serves a good variety of baked goods that are both sweet and savory is a different story. Savory pastries, for whatever reason, are hard to find.

That is until European Delights opened in the Citrus Marketplace at 2236A Oak Grove Road, near the Post Office.

This family owned bakery offers an impressive range of brioches, morning buns, muffins and many more items that you will find in a good bakery. But one thing that sets them apart is the savory items.

Some of the offerings include a number of savory brioches – Feta Cheese & Spinach, Mushroom, Ham with Sundried Tomatoes and Pesto, for example. Then there are the light lunch options which vary from time to time.

Back to the sweeter pastries, you may want to try the Pavlova or Cannoli. Perhaps s Chocolate Croissant or an Apple Strudel. There really is an amazing selection here, all made in-house.

The various reviews online, whether it’s Google, Yelp or anywhere else, say it all. This really is an eating place worth making a detour for.

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