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3 Ways People Destroy The Value Of Their Home

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While most homeowners aim to increase the value of their homes, there are several actions that can have a detrimental effect, causing your home’s value to decline in less than one year.

People are constantly making changes to their homes, and most of these changes, hopefully add to, or at least maintain, the home’s value. Yet not everything homeowners do is necessarily for the best. These are just three things that can come back to bite you when you decide to sell your home

Neglecting Maintenance

With every home,regardless of age, small problems always become big problems in time, and delaying maintenance or repair issues, large or small will always cost you more to correct in the long run.

Failing to address necessary repairs and maintenance issues will quickly impact your home’s value. Any structural issues ahould have top priority, but this also includes ignoring leaks, damaged roofing, or any electrical issues. Even re-painting when needed. Neglecting maintenance can lead to more significant and costly problems over time.

Adding Unpermitted Structures

Unpermitted additions will almost always wave huge legal, financial and safety red flags to a potential buyer when you come to sell your home.

The cost of permits can be significant but constructing additions or structures without the necessary permits can lead to legal and financial troubles. Unpermitted work can reduce your home’s value and make selling challenging.

Over-Personalizing Your Home

Highly personalized renovations or designs, such as dramatic paint colors or décor items that are inconsistent with the architectural style of your home will almost always limit the appeal of your home to others. Everybody has their own personal taste and most people like a home that is not excessively bland, but it makes good sense to strike a balance between personal style and broad market appeal.

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